Let Live the Wild to Save Humanity!!

Coronavirus has clocked humanity into the epitome of fear. Today, every being of this race is compelled to observe distancing from his fellow beings. Self-confinement has become the new normal while economies are experiencing the grief of their own tragic burials.

From HIV/AIDS to SARS, Ebola to Covid-19, all the life-threatening pandemics have emerged from wild animals. (Wild animals refer to undomesticated animals or those that cannot be tamed by humans by the protocol of nature).

Data from past pandemics suggests that there may be close to 1.67 million unknown viruses looming on the horizons worldwide, out of which approximately 0.8 million viruses emerging from animals, could potentially infect humans, thus causing new pandemics. Scientists have claimed 3 out of every 4 new infectious disease in people emerge from animals. [1]

Destructive human activities like deforestation for urbanization, hunting, poaching, wildlife skin trade, keeping wild animals in enclosures, etc. Have brought humans too close to wild animals & consequently closer to the viruses present in them.

The recent outbreak of the devastating coronavirus is known to have been emerged from bats. Whether outbroken from the wet markets of Wuhan or be it the result of a secret conspiracy, a virus cannot be synthetically produced in a lab. Its first sample always has to be taken from a wild animal.
To save humanity from recurring pandemics, it is imperative for mankind to practice 'Wildlife Distancing'.
‘Save Humanity’ is an initiative by Jyot, to make an appeal to the UN & the nation heads to formulate strict laws for implementing ‘Wildlife Distancing’. In order to save humanity from future pandemics. Join us in this relentless movement, sign this petition & do your bit to save humanity. 

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Causative Factors for Pandemics

Wildlife contact

All these human activities have brought us in close contact with wild animals, making us more vulnerable to their viruses.

Wet Market
Petting Wild Animals
Wildlife Skin Trade
Wildlife Poaching
Millions dead and counting...

History of Pandemics from Wildlife


Year 1981

Spread from Chimpanzees

Death Toll: 35,000,000


Year 2002

Spread from Bats/Civets

Death Toll: 770


Year 2009

Spread from Pigs

Death Toll: 200,000


Year 2014

Spread from Camels

Death Toll: 11,000


Year 2015

Spread from Bats/Civets

Death Toll: 850


Year 2019

Spread from Bats

Death Toll: 424,374+



Testing times for entire humanity and human rights

When the entire world is covered with the terror of COVID-19, I wish to convey insights for humanity as a whole, based on universal principles and spirituality propagated by all religions.

These Religions unanimously point out exploitative and unjust behavior, as the principal cause of grief and agony. Real peace, happiness, and security, all stem out from piousness. The abstract form of piousness is spirituality.

I wish that let the world in this stressed atmosphere be able to hold the breath and draw strength from spirituality.

- Gachhadhipati Jainacharya Shrimadvijay
Yugbhushansuri Maharaja

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@Carley Stenson

English Actress, Singer, and an animal activist.
Best known for playing Steph Cunningham in the Channel 4 series Hollyoaks


WildAid fights for wildlife by targeting consumer demand for illicit products including ivory, rhino horn and shark fin.


Dairy Farmer from Ireland, FarmingIndependent columnist, TackleYourFeelings Ambassador

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Human encroachment on animal habitats risks more global pandemics.



Want to Stop the Next Pandemic? Start Protecting Wildlife Habitats

Bloomberg Reports


Our Cruel Treatment of Animals Led to the Coronavirus.

New York Times

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